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This picture was taken with some of my puppy people in 2014 at a

 dog show in Newfoundland.

Left back - Steve & Buttercup, Kristie & Aura, Maggie 

Chris, Amanda & Miss B

Front: Bessie, Andi, Me and Ben.

All the B names are from my "B" litter

Both the A names are from my "A" litter

Nikki and I when we first moved back to Newfoundland in 2007

How it started

It all started for me in 1998 when I got my first Rottweiler "Saintstalkers Diamond Breeze -Nikki". She turned out to be an awesome dog that would teach me so much.

Nikki opened the doors to Obedience for me, and the want to become a dog trainer. We achieved her CD, and Therapy dog status. she lived to be 12.  I never wanted to breed in the beginning, that should be left to those that have the time and passion to better the breed. I was a Rottweiler lover and pet owner.

My Second Rottweiler came to me in 2001  from Ohio. "Ch. Loveshires American by Heart - Jesse. He would be my first show dog, but I didn't know that when I  held him for the first time. Although my breeder talked to me about it.. I wasn't interested, or so I thought. 

Jesse was a big boy, but a very kind soul. I traveled long and far to show him, and enjoyed the education. I was living in Fort Nelson, BC at the time. I showed him from Whitehorse, YT to Vancouver, and some pit stops along the way in Alberta over the years.  Visit them both at Rainbow bridge.

Jesse and Codi 2003                                        Nikki in the agility tunnel

       Nikki and Neela                                                                          Jesse & Nikki

My Dogs

I've dabbled in alot of things with my dogs over the years. As you see from their pages and pictures. we are active.  I've been fortunate enough to have dogs to do all of the following; Obedience, Conformation, Rally Obedience, Agility, Temperament testing as a title, Herding, Schutzhund or IPO/ IGP, all phases, Endurance, Therapy, CGC/CGN, & Seiger style  showing. My dogs are used in my day job for breed awareness, bite prevention seminars, public demonstrations, training clients, school presentations, &  talks on responsible dog ownership.

My personal life and my professional life is everything D.O.G....

Visit my website at

2012  Diva, Neela in my arms and Ben

                                      Sully, & Andi 

Crazy dog lady !!

Addictive! Like the lays chips, you can't have just one! I can't imagine my life without dog hair, drool, having my toes crushed or pushiness and being dogs. I breed when I want to add another dog to my family, because I like a pedigree, and think the ones I have would better the gene pool.

When I got my foundation bitch Diva, I was shocked on how many dogs my breeder had. She said to me.. " when you start to breed, your numbers go up, and don't breed unless you are willing and in position to take puppies back. The responsibility doesn't stop.

 I share my home with 8 dogs and  they range from 12 years to 18 months.  

The Personal side...

I'm originally from Newfoundland, actually born and raised. I left when I finished school and went out west to BC and Alberta for 15 years. I started and pursued my professional dog career and got into Rottweilers. I moved back home to Newfoundland in 2007 with my family. I always knew when my children were ready to be out on their own I would return to Alberta. 

Although I was on the beautiful Island, The dog shows, events and health clinics were not plentiful.  I have travelled long and far to be active with my dogs. From tip to tip of Canada and down to the USA to attend events, shows and Rottweiler specialties. 

I recently relocated back out to Alberta in 2022, and now live in Calgary. 

Andi, Ben, Bessie, Diva, Niya with me, and Sully! 2017

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