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V1 Select Ch. BrookLane's Bloomberg Bessie TT, CGC


D.O.B March 16th 2013 - November 20th 2019

Bessies Health Clearences

Cardiac –OFA – RO-CA6781/52F/C-VPI-ECHO

EyesCERF - RO-EYE840/55F-VPI

ElbowOFA – DJD I

HipsOFA – RO-75053G26F-VPI


CHIC# 106417

Sire: Ben

Multi V1 2010 RCC Youth Seiger RBIS GrCh Trojans TKO IV Beowulf BrookLane ZTP, BH, AD, CD, RA, TT, CGC,

Cardiac RO-CA4815/96M/C-VPI-ECHO

Eyes RO-EYE589/60M-VPI (11, 14)

Elbow OFA-  DJD I

Hips RO-72566F32M-VPI

CHIC #101786

Dam: Diva

 Multi V1 Can Ch Bernkastel Diva of BrookLane BH, CD, RA, TT, CGC

Cardiac –OFA – RO-CA3858/12F/C-PI

EyesCERF - RO-6848 (09, 10)

ElbowOFA – RO-EL7640F24-VPI

HipsOFA – RO-70887G24F-VPI


Bessie Bear

My Keeper from my "B" Litter . This girl was the spit of her dad, but the sharpness was softened from her mama and what a beautiful combo. She was a not give a shit attitude of a dog. Nothing phased her, she took everything in stride. 

A mind of her own...

Of all the rules, training, and discipline she still brings a smile to my face when I say there were things she did on her own time, no matter what it cost her. She was a very patient loving soul, and in the same sentence, she took no crap. Living always in a pack of 5 plus she knew her place.....just below her father.  She loved to do anything I asked and at any time.

Up for anything

Her show and working career was a very small window. She finished her Canadian Championship very fast even with a tail.  Although we didn't finished the last legs of her Rally or Obedience titles, she very much loved to work.

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