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How do I get a Puppy?

How do I inquire about getting a puppy?

The first step in the approval process would be to fill out an online Puppy Questionnaire.

The questionnaire helps me to determine whether the dogs that I will be breeding might be well suited to your needs. I make an effort to respond to every inquiry so if you receive no response, please contact me again.

In the event that I do not believe that I will produce what you are looking for in a Rottweiler, or that I simply do not have puppies available in the foreseeable future, I will send you a list of reputable breeders so that you can continue your search. 

Could there be a puppy for us from the next available litter?

Normally my litters are spoken for well in advance. I only breed when I am hoping to keep a pup myself. I believe that it is irresponsible to bring puppies into this world unless I am sure that they will end up in their perfect forever home. For this reason, I never plan a litter until we are

To determine this, we screen homes well in advance to ensure that planned breedings and prospective homes are well matched. If you are interested in our dogs, it is to your benefit to inquire well before you are ready for your next puppy.

If it appears that you may have a dog for us in the future, what is the next step?

After that, we will want to meet you. If you are a great distance from us, you may find it advantageous to first meet one of our owners in your area so that you can interact with their dog(s) and ask any questions that you may have. We also travel to a large number of shows and will try to meet up with you if possible.

Should we send a deposit to ensure we're on your waiting list?

No. We do not accept deposits. If we determine that yours is the type of home that we are looking for, then we will start to evaluate each litter with you in mind. Sometimes the perfect pup arrives relatively quickly, sometimes it's a few litters before the right match comes along. In any event, we want you to have the opportunity to continue your search without being tied to a particular breeder or litter.

*Please be cautious of breeders who ask for large or non-refundable deposits. There are many internet scams involving puppies and it's likely you'll not only lose your money, but end up without a puppy.

Can we come and visit the dogs and puppies in your home?

Yes, we will expect you to come here to meet all of the dogs. The reason for this is so that we can learn more about you and better determine what you are hoping for in terms of type and temperament. Once we understand why you are attracted to a particular dog for instance, it can give us insight into which puppy will eventually be right for you.

In the case that the right puppy appears to have arrived, we will also want you to see and interact with that litter. In many cases, prospective owners choose to visit litters well before they are ready to bring a puppy home. The advantage to this is that you will develop a better understanding of how we match puppies to their homes, as well as learn to objectively evaluate pups without the emotions that come with knowing yours may be in that litter.

How do we know which litter or puppy will be best for us?

The interviewing process will help us to determine that together. Further, you may have criteria of your own that makes one litter more appealing to you than another. The following links will give you a clearer understanding of the decisions involved.

Jump to Our Breeding Choices to learn more about how we decide which dogs will be bred

Jump to How Pups are Reared to learn more about the process we use to ensure each pup has the best opportunity to meet its full potential.

Jump to How Placement Decisions are Made to learn about how we determine which home each pup will go to and what the timeline is for those decisions.

Are all of your puppies placed as Show Dogs?

No. First and foremost, every puppy we produce is someone's companion. We are careful to make matches based on compatibility rather than the pup's potential to win in the rings. That said, a large percentage of our pups end up well suited for various areas of competition and their owners find they usually excel at whatever they try.

Our pups are active and do best in homes that will keep both their minds and their bodies exercised. For this reason, we require that all of our pups attend obedience classes. Where you go from there is up to you. Many of our owners find that showing their pup is a natural extension of their training and an enjoyable way to spend time with their best friend. There are many types of competition...from traditional dog shows to obedience, agility, tracking, rally, herding or schutzhund as well as other rewarding outlets such as search and rescue or pet therapy. We can help you find the venue that best suits your pup.

Do I have to co-own my puppy with you?

No owner is required to co-own, but many decide that co-ownership is an advantage when it comes to helping their dog reach its full potential in the show or working venues or when it is time to breed their dog. In these cases, we will write up a separate co-ownership contract which will outline the terms of our additional agreements. In our co-ownerships, the owner remains in control of all decisions made for the dog. We are simply there for additional support.

We have had excellent luck with co-ownerships, however, it is important to make sure that you have everything outlined, in writing, before entering into these types of agreements with a breeder.

At what age can the puppy go home?

We will normally allow a puppy to go home between seven and nine weeks. We prefer the eight week mark or later, however some of the puppies that travel home via the airlines need to meet certain height and weight specifications and therefore need to go home closer to the seven week mark. Occasionally a puppy will need more time with us in order to fully assess where he/she should be placed. No pup ever leaves our home until we are completely comfortable with the match we have made.

Do you ever have older puppies or adult dogs available?

It is very rare for us to have older puppies available. We work hard to make the right match the first time and only once have had a puppy come back to us. In the event that we keep a puppy for ourselves and it doesn't turn out to be right for our breeding program, it is always placed within our existing family.

We do not place our elderly show or breeding dogs. When they retire, they live out their lives in our home and enjoy every comfort that we can give them. At that point, they have worked very hard for us and deserve nothing less.

We are a great distance from you, will you ship a puppy to us?

No, we do not ship our puppies. We take great care in raising pups so that their early experiences are beneficial to their development. When a puppy is shipped alone, it must go in the cargo hold of the airplane. There are many risks involved which we are not willing to take.

If you are such a distance from us that air travel is the most convenient way to reach us, we suggest that you fly to us and carry your puppy back in cabin in a "Sherpa" type pet carrier. This ensures that you are in control of what happens to your pup throughout your trip. We have found that our pups travel very well this way and that it is much more stress free for both ourselves and the puppy.

I am in the USA, what is the procedure to bring the puppy across the border?

We will provide you with an International Health Certificate. Your pup will also be identified with an ISO microchip. This is all you will need for your pup to travel home to the USA. If you are driving, you will present this at the border crossing. If you are flying, you will need to make prior arrangements with the airline to bring the dog aboard the plane (see above).

You will also need identification for yourself for cross border travel. At this time, a passport is required for airline travel between the US and Canada and either a passport or a Drivers License AND Birth Certificate is required for automobile travel.

I am outside of North America. Can I export one of your puppies?

We have two pups in the UK and have also sent frozen semen to Australia. However, we will only do business outside of North America after spending quite a bit of time building a relationship with you. In general, we prefer to place pups in areas where we can easily visit them.

Does the price vary for Male/Female or for Show Quality vs. Pet Quality?

No. We have one set price for all of our puppies. We put an equal amount of time into breeding each litter and developing each puppy, as well as into screening homes and, later, supporting our owners. To us, every puppy has the same "value" whether it's a top rated show prospect, or a beloved pet.

Are your puppies registered?

Yes. In Canada, it is a violation of the Animal Pedigree Act for a breeder to sell a purebred puppy without registration papers. In addition, the pup must be permanently identified prior to leaving the breeder's premises.

Because we live in Canada, pups born here must first be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. For those familiar with the AKC registration process, the CKC differs in that the breeder must register each puppy and all registration papers are then sent to the breeder to be forwarded to the owners. This process can take several months, so please be patient.

Unfortunately, the AKC and CKC do not allow us to "dual register" entire litters. If you reside in the USA, we will need to wait for the CKC registration papers to arrive, and then we will help you to apply for individual AKC registration papers. This is a quick and easy process.

In the event that both the sire and dam are UKC or USRC registered, you may also be supplied with registration papers for these organizations. If your pup is show quality, you will also be provided with ARC and MRC Futurity paperwork.

Are there guarantees in place?

Yes. You will be asked to sign a contract which outlines our expectations of you, as well as what you can expect from us. Unfortunately, a breeder cannot guarantee that things will never go wrong, as we are to some extent at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, the breeder should be more than wiling to take care of you in the event that things do not turn out as planned. Our contract contains provisions for monetary reimbursement or a replacement puppy for various health and temperament conditions up to 48 months. You will not be asked to return your dog.

Click here for Contract FAQ's.

I see a litter listed on your site as a "Co-Breeding". What does this mean?

We do not own every dog that is used in our breeding program. In the case that a dog that we produced is worthy of being used in our program, we will, at the owner's request, support them in the form of a co-bred litter. In these cases, we are highly involved...from the choice of a mate, to assistance in whelping, to rearing and puppy evaluations.

In every case of a co-bred litter, we have personally done business with the breeder in the past and are 100% confident referring you not only to the breeder, but to this particular breeding. In these cases, both ourselves and the breeder will be resources for you and your puppy during its lifetime.

After I take my pup home, can I contact you with questions?

Absolutely! We will expect you to keep in touch and are always available to answer your questions throughout the lifetime of your dog. In fact, if you are hoping to simply buy a Rottweiler and are not looking for a relationship with the breeder, we are not the right choice for you.

In addition, our extended family offers an excellent Support System. In the event that you cannot immediately reach us directly, there is always someone available to answer your questions.

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